Mizuba Matcha Cocktail

Cocktail Recipe Roundup: 7 Matcha Cocktails You Have to Try

March 30, 2023

By Mariah Bourne

We all love a good matcha latte. But you haven’t lived until you’ve tried matcha cocktails! Matcha has grown in popularity in the cocktail scene over the past few years. Novices and matcha lovers alike can indulge in the subtle flavors matcha delivers with delicious twists on old favorites.


Pouring matcha into a green tea mimosa
Mizuba Matcha Mimosa

We’ve rounded up our favorite matcha cocktails for all seasons. Cozy up in the colder months with a Matcha Old Fashioned, or start planning your next summer get-together with Matcha Punch as the star. Introduce your guests to these new exciting ways to enjoy matcha or kick back on a summer evening and sip slowly.


Why Matcha and Spirits are a Match Made in Heaven 

The earthy, toasty notes of matcha add a layer and depth of flavor and complement the sweetness and fresh elements, creating a cocktail that’s simple and easy to enjoy. Besides adding a unique, lovely taste, matcha is the perfect natural food coloring, with a vivid, green hue that makes your favorite classics pop. 

Matcha pairs well with so many diverse flavors.
Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Refreshing, citrus flavors like orange, lemon, grapefruit, and lime.
  • Earthy flavors like hazelnut, almond, and chocolate.
  • Sweet flavors like coconut and vanilla.
  • Spicy flavors like ginger.
  • Sweet, fruity flavors like raspberry and strawberry.
  • Florals like rose or lavender.
  • Zesty flavors like mint or shiso.

Making the ideal matcha cocktail is quite simple — just keep a few key tips in mind. Make sure to use high-quality matcha. Our Culinary Organic Matcha or  Daily Mizuba Matcha are superb options. Always aerate your matcha in a liquid before adding it to your cocktail to avoid clumping.

Many of our cocktails include Matcha Simple Syrup infused with different flavors. Gin, bourbon, rum, and tequila, make recurring appearances in most of these green tea cocktails, but feel free to experiment with your favorite spirit and create something marvelous! 


Couple toasting with matcha green tea mimosas

1. Morning Matcha Mimosa

Our Morning Matcha Mimosa is fun to drink any time of the year but is especially fabulous for a celebration, brunch, or a special morning. A hint of matcha uplifts the delicious, sparkly bubbles of champagne. You’ll be fizzy with this subtly sweet matcha cocktail. Keep it simple, or dress up your mimosa with tropical juices like grapefruit, pineapple, or passionfruit. 


2. Mizuba Matcha Mojito

Experiment with matcha for a fresh take on the classic mojito. The grassy, earthiness of matcha pairs wonderfully with fresh mint and is flawlessly balanced with white rum. Take yourself to a far-away island with this epic, refreshing matcha cocktail. With a vibrant kick of natural energy, the Mizuba Matcha Mojito is perfect for sharing at summer dinner parties or just sipping while lounging on your hammock.


Matcha green tea gimlet


3. Matcha Gimlet

When matcha makes a guest appearance in this timeless cocktail featuring gin and lime juice, the beautiful earthiness and vibrant color take the Gimlet to the next level. Enhance your experience and indulge in the juniper notes of the gin accompanied by a burst of matcha goodness that’ll excite your taste buds and leave you wanting more.


4. Matcha Margaritas

Matcha Margaritas are a prime green-tea cocktail for a sunny evening wind-down or a Taco Tuesday with a twist. The simple, refreshing ingredients like lime juice, agave, and tequila help matcha find its place among these fun flavor combinations. If you like a kick, the sliced jalapeño elevates this matcha cocktail to the next level, complementing the harmonious balance of flavors even more. 


Mizuba Matcha Margarita Cocktail recipe


5. Matcha Old Fashioned

Another one of our favorites, the super simple Matcha Old Fashioned, takes an interesting spin on an old classic. The bourbon flavor, sweetness, and umami of matcha syrup, and the bitters should be well-balanced. Be sure to use fewer bitters, as matcha adds its own bitter taste. Craving something spicy? Warm up in the colder months with a Spicy Matcha Old Fashioned using smoked chili bitters.


6. Matcha Punch

Spiked punch is a definite staple in every summer party. Add a little matcha and spend your summer days sipping on this refreshing matcha cocktail. Pineapple, orange, and lime meet their match with the subtle, earthy notes of matcha, elevating these fruity flavors. An absolute party pleaser, you can make a small serving or a big batch for your next get-together with this recipe.


7. Matcha Bee's Knees

We took a new spin on a prohibition-era favorite and created the Matcha Bee’s Knees cocktail. With a splash of matcha simple syrup, this classic gets an elegant revamp that is sure to satisfy. Just grab your favorite gin, some Matcha Simple Syrup, and plenty of lemons, and quickly shake up drinks for the entire party.


Man pours matcha green tea into cocktail glass at a fancy barElevated Mizuba Matcha Drinks at Archive Coffee and Bar


Bonus Drinks 

Almost any drink can be transformed into an irresistible matcha cocktail. Of course, they’re delightful when enjoyed on their own, but these two matcha drink recipes can be easily elevated by simply adding your favorite spirits.

  • Mason Jar Matcha Lemonade. Fancy a lemon drop? Just add vodka to our Mason Jar Matcha Lemonade for a refreshing summer drink you’ll want to sip on all season.
  • Mizuba Matcha Soda. Adding sparkling water to any spirit creates a light, low-sugar cocktail. Try something new with our matcha-infused soda. You can make this simple recipe in minutes and add your favorite spirit.

Mizuba Matcha Diving Bell Cocktail


Elevate Your Favorite Cocktails with Matcha

There's no doubt that matcha cocktails are an excellent way to enjoy your favorite drink while also taking advantage of the amazing benefits of matcha. And there are so many ways to experiment. You can try a new matcha cocktail, incorporate matcha into your current go-to drink, or discover your new favorite drink with these recipes. We definitely recommend trying one, if not all, of these matcha drink recipes.

Our high-end matcha at Mizuba is an exceptional choice to fully experience all the goodness matcha has to offer. The depth of flavor produced by high-quality matcha is like no other. Try adding matcha to your next cocktail — we promise you won't be disappointed!

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