Two Japanese men harvest fresh tea leaves in Yame

A Guide to Harvesting Tea Leaves: An Essential Process in Japanese Green Tea

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Matcha green tea with chasen

Hosting with Japanese Green Tea – try these 5 Teas and Food Pairings

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Freshly harvested shincha tea leaves from Japan lay in a pile

Everything You Need to Know About Catechins in Japanese Green Tea – what is EGCG?

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Fresh Shincha Japanese Tea

What is Shincha?

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Woman and Man drink matcha green tea together on a grassy lawn in the shade

The Best Way to Drink Green Tea

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Blooming Sakura Flowers in Portland, Oregon

What is Hanami? The Significance of Sakura in Japanese Tradition

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Hand pours Japanese sencha green tea into a white cup on a white table top

The Importance of Green Tea Steaming

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Brewed gyokuro Japanese tea in red clay tea pot

Can You Reuse or Rebrew Loose Leaf Tea?

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Matcha shown on a bamboo chashaku tea scoop

How to Brew Green Tea: 7 Mistakes You Might be Making

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Multiple Japanese Teas arranged on a wooden table

What is Astringency in Japanese Green Tea?

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Tea fields in Uji, Japan

What is a Tea Cultivar?

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Green Tea being poured into a cup

The Myth of Decaf Japanese Green Tea: Decaffeination Processes

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Japanese green tea fields in Wazuka, Japan

Understanding High-Quality Japanese Green Tea

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Man drinking kyobancha Japanese roasted tea and looks out the window

How to Store Matcha Powder and Japanese Loose Leaf Teas

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Pouring water for tea in chanoyu tea ceremony

What Is a Japanese Tea Ceremony and
How To Attend One

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The Importance of Using Tea Tools

The Tools You Need To Enhance Your Tea Experience

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Caffeine Content in Matcha

Matcha Caffeine Content: How Much Caffeine is in Your Matcha?

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Person making latte art in a cup of Hojicha

What is Hojicha?

If you’re looking to broaden your organic green tea horizons this fall, hōjicha may be just the tea for you. Also commonly spelled as houjicha or hojicha, Hōjicha has a nutty, slightly sweet flavor, a toasty aroma, and a warm, reddish-gold colored liquor. It’s a smooth, mellow alternative to Matcha and other strong teas, with an array of appealing health benefits. Enjoyed throughout the seasons, Hōjicha is  the perfect tea for a crisp fall day and also makes for *excellent* mizudashi (cold brew) for a hot summer. 

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Celebrate Hachiju Hachiya

What is Hachiju Hachiya? Celebrating Japan's 88th Night

Today is a special day! 88th Night (Hachiju-Hachiya) is a Japanese holiday that celebrates the start of the year’s first tea picking and harvest. This first flush of tea is known as shincha, which directly translates to "new tea."

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Matcha green tea tin on table

An update about pricing

I wanted to personally write and let you know that beginning Friday, April 22nd, the price of our Daily Matcha will increase by one dollar, from $20 to $21. This is the first time we have been required to raise the price of tea in our 8.5 year history, and as a thank you for your continued support I wanted to give you a heads up.

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A frothy bowl of matcha sits on a marble table top covered in cherry blossom petals. A chasen bamboo tea whisk is to the left of the bowl.

Favorite Japanese Tea Words and Phrases

Tea is so intrinsically woven into Japan's culture that there are special words and phrases dedicated to how we experience tea in day-to-day living. Check out some of our favorite phrases here!

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Mizuba Matcha Green Tea Tins

Mizuba Tea’s Matcha Mastery - Santa Barbara Independent

Our favorite hometown press, The Santa Barbara Independent, recently caught up with Mizuba's founder, Lauren, to chat about Mizuba Tea's ethos in working with our farm partners in Japan.

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Japanese Tenugui

All About The Tenugui - Eco Friendly Japanese Tea and Hand Towel

What is a tenugui, and why is it the best Japanese household item ever? Learn all about this essential Japanese item, its history, and its uses! Hint: it is perfect for your matcha moments.

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Mizuba Matcha Partners

Catching up with world-renowned chef Naomi Pomeroy

We recently caught up with Naomi Pomeroy — the James Beard award-winning owner of Ripe Cooperative, here in Portland, OR — to chat about food, life, and her amazing new ice cream made with Mizuba matcha.

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Organic Sencha Yabukita direct from Japan

All About Organic Sencha Yabukita: A Cultivar Study

Fundamental to an understanding of Japanese green tea is knowing and appreciating the taste of the tea cultivar Yabukita. Yabukita is considered the cornerstone flavor of Japanese tea as its taste delivers a well-balanced flavor, elegant aroma, sweetness along with umami, and pleasant astringency. One of the oldest registered cultivars in Japan and most popularly grown (accounting for over 70% of Japan's tea production), Yabukita is often used as a benchmark to evaluate sencha made from other Japanese tea cultivars. While Yabukita may be common, our spring-harvested Mizuba Sencha Yabukita is the top of its class and a prime example of what to love about Japan’s most iconic flavor.

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How does Matcha help your brain?

But First, Tea! The Neurobiological Benefits in Every Cup

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Mizuba Organic Gyokuro loose leaf Japanese Tea

The Ultimate Guide To Gyokuro:
History and Brewing

Any avid Japanese Tea fan will at some point seek the revered, rich cup of what many consider "pure umami" - gyokuro. Here is a thorough overview and guide to a prize in any Japanese tea collector's cabinet. Best brew up a cup, and let's dive into gyokuro! 

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Notary features Mizuba Matcha

Rituals with Notary Ceramics

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Mizuba Matcha Interview

Mizuba Matcha on The Manual

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Mizuba Matcha at Boon Boona Cafe

Cafe Feature: Boon Boona

We thought we'd take a moment today to highlight one of our partners: Boon Boona Coffee, in Renton, WA. Much like matcha is the star of Japan's iconic tea ceremony, did you know coffee has a similar history with its very own ceremony? The founder of Boon Boona, Efrem, is sharing that special piece of coffee's culture with his community and we are excited to experience it. We hope their story is just as meaningful to you as it is to us, and we look forward to highlighting more of our friends in the future.

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Fresh organic tea fields in Japan

Field Notes: Seasonali"tea"

Japanese tea, or any tea for that matter, is closely intertwined with the tides of nature. That shouldn't come as a surprise because tea is a plant, and plants grow according to the seasons. The tea plants hibernate during winter, bloom in spring, thrive in summer and prepare for winter in autumn. This is the natural cycle, and thus our experience of the product also changes with the seasons.

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Matcha Latte Nut Butter by Mizuba + Ground Up

Our Interview with Ground Up

We are so happy to collaborate with the wonderful ladies at Ground Up for our brand-new Matcha Latte Nut Butter! Their mission (beyond making delicious nut butter) is to employ and give opportunities to women overcoming diversity. We took a moment to ask them three quick questions.

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Mizuba Tea Co's Diversity Commitment

Mizuba's Commitment to Diversity

Tea is meant for sharing and we truly hope you’ve always found Mizuba as an inclusive, joyful place to enjoy a #matchamoment.

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Send a matcha gram to a loved one!

Artist Series No. 2: Matcha-grams! Our interview with artist Abbie Tjaden

Recently we had a chance to sit down with Abbie Tjaden of ARTJADEN and ask her a few questions. Abbie is a Portland-based artist, and she is responsible for designing our incredible matcha-grams, which you can see here.

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Woman drinking Japanese tea

Happy Earth Day!

Just as we make decisions to mindfully lessen our impact on the Earth in our personal lives, as a family-run small business, we take the same approach with how we manage our decisions at Mizuba. Here at Mizuba, we are committed to sustainability. Not just one day a year, and not just because it's trendy. (Although, fun fact: our founder, Lauren, is from the same town where Earth Day originated — 50 years ago! Just saying.) 

We love the planet we live on, we are thankful for everything it give us, and we want to take care of it to the best of our ability.

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Pure Japanese Matcha Green Tea

Learn About Mizuba: The Basics

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Enjoy Organic Genmaicha with Friends!

All About Our Organic Genmaicha Tea

Genmaicha is a blend of loose leaf tea, usually bancha, with "genmai." Genmai is commonly brown rice, but our genmaicha is made by roasting white mochi rice, which is crunchier and sweeter than regular rice. The rice provides a satisfyingly sweet, nutty taste, which is balanced by the light green tea. Many say the aroma is reminiscent of popcorn! We say that sounds delicious.

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Organic Kyobancha Japanese Tea

What is Kyô-bancha tea?

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Rare Purple Bamboo Matcha Green Tea Chasen Whisk

New: Dark Wood Chasen

Our beautiful dark wood chasen is made from wild purple bamboo. Artisans look for a hard, thin stalk — usually about 2 to 2.5 centimeters thick, and 9 to 12 cm long. The bamboo must be dried for over a year, and only then do artisans transform the natural material into the fine tines — each by hand.

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Single Cultivar Uji Hikari Japanese Matcha Green Tea

Uji Hikari Matcha

We are humbled at the opportunity to work with renowned matcha producer Mr. Kiyoharu Tsuji. Having won countless awards in Japan for his teas, 5th-generation master farmer Tsuji san is responsible for one of the greatest matcha experiences you can savor. His tea plants are unpruned, hand-harvested, and enjoy the most traditional form of shade-growing (the Honzu technique) in the region's nutritious red clay soil. When the first flush arrives in shincha season (the first crop of the year), the tencha tea leaves are stone-milled to perfection. In fact, Tsuji san's matcha has the highest concentrations of L-theanine and amino acids ever recorded of any matcha in the world.

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Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea from Japan.

Our team picks their favorite matchas of the moment

Every matcha we offer has its own special place in the Mizuba collection, but we recently sat down with our team to learn about their favorite matcha of the moment. Read on to find out what we're loving.

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Natural Matcha Green Tea Skincare

Natural Matcha Skincare: An Interview with Heart of Gold

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Matcha Latte Throwdown

Ever Heard of a Matcha Latte Throwdown?

Check out an inside look at one of specialty coffee's most fun events!

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Farm-direct Tencha Tea for Sale

Happy New Year's Eve!

What's next for Mizuba in 2020? Our little company started six years ago with a single relationship with one matcha producer... who we work with to this day! In the years since we've met even more amazing Japanese artisan tea producers, and this year for the first time we launched a collection of loose leaf teas. In 2020 we're committed to bringing you more of what we do best: sharing incredible Japanese teas that are ethically and sustainably crafted (⬅️ more on this soon) from producers whom we personally know and love.

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About Mizuba Japanese Loose Leaf Tea

Four Loose Leaf Tea Questions with Lauren

In the same way sharing traditional Uji matcha with you helps preserve the heritage of such an iconic cultural art, I’m hoping our little loose leaf collection helps preserve Japan’s tea history, educates tea lovers on Japan’s truly delicious and uncommon teas, and furthers people’s intrigue and delight with tea! I certainly grew tired of keeping these teas to myself. They’re just so good, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

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Organic Japanese Green Tea

Announcing Mizuba's Heritage Japanese Loose Leaf Teas

Welcome to the Mizuba Tea Co. loose leaf collection! True — we've been solely focused on being one of America's premier matcha companies for years. But, as you can imagine... exceptional quality matcha wasn't the only kind of tea we were drinking in Japan on our travels...! As life-long tea nerds, beautifully crafted teas of all kinds just get us EXCITED.

As your trusted source of Japan's finest traditional teas, we are dedicated to direct-trade sourcing that is grounded in friendships with our tea suppliers. Together, we pursue purity of leaf, high-quality flavor, and the beauty in each cup of tea that you enjoy with us. 

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The Definition of Matcha Green Tea

The Word "Matcha" Added to Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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Compostable Matcha Green Tea Packets

Quality Meets Adventure: Compostable Single-Serve Matcha Packs!

Here they are! The world's first compostable, eco-friendly single-serve matcha packets to take on-the-go! Read all about our collaboration with Voila Coffee and how we plan to take our #matchamoment everywhere.

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Pure Japanese matcha with chocolate.

I Had an Unhealthy Relationship with Coffee—Here's How I Healed It - Mizuba on Well + Good

Hear a personal story about how Well + Good author Mercey Livingston cracked the caffeine addiction code and how matcha helped along the way.

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Mizuba Matcha in The Washington Post

The Washington Post picks Mizuba for a top Holiday Gift!

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