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"The Mizuba team is the very best. No joke, my favorite company to work with." - Tim Maestas, Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders

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Why Mizuba?

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You'll get incredible matcha

All Mizuba matcha is shade-grown, stone-milled, non-GMO, and certified heavy metal and radiation free — plus we source a range of certified organic options! But our exceptional quality is just the beginning. More importantly, we are committed to direct-trade, sustainable relationships with the incredible handful of producers who grow our matcha — we've been working with the same family farmers since we started this business, and we love seeing them succeed. For their part, our producers care about their tea and continue to produce incredible matcha, year after year.

We'll help you master the art of matcha

Our mission is to continue the 800-year tradition of Japanese tea by helping you serve delicious matcha with integrity and care — so much so that we are officially recognized Uji Cha Tea Dealers! We've guided hundreds of wholesale clients on their journey to serving and selling Mizuba matcha — it's one of our favorite parts of the job, and we have resources to help companies of all types and sizes. We'll provide you with hands-on, individual training support, as well as exclusive resources and video guides. We are here for you!

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We love cafes (and bakeries, and everyone)

Our team at Mizuba has 16+ years of professional barista experience (heck — we’re even members of the SCA). We speak barista! We’ll send you bar flow methodologies, talk to you about systems, and hook you up with our quarterly cafe newsletter — which features valuable matcha resources and guides, plus interviews and insight from other specialty coffee companies and small businesses. Whether you’re a bakery, coffee shop, juice bar, specialty market, grocery... whoever you are, we speak your language and will help you integrate matcha into your business.

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We've helped hundreds of incredible companies integrate matcha into their business, and we'd love the opportunity to find out how we can best serve your needs. Use the contact form to start a conversation and we'll get back to you ASAP. Your emails will be answered by an actual human (say hi to Hettie and Lauren!) and we’re always happy to jump on a phone call. Chat soon!

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More with Mizuba

It's not only coffee shops – we wholesale with bakeries, ice creameries, spas, hotels, restaurants + cocktail programs, juice bars, skincare lines, boutiques, specialty grocers and more!

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