Mizuba matcha green tea mimosa and mocktail recipe

Morning Matcha Mimosa

January 03, 2023

Our favorite way to toast to the new year – or any special morning! 
Making a Mizuba Matcha mimosa couldn't be easier – all you need is our Daily matcha, orange juice, and your favorite champagne. Kampai! 


Matcha mimosaMatcha mimosa

Ingredients (serves 1):

• 1 teaspoons Daily Mizuba Matcha (we recommend 1 teaspoon per person)

• 2oz water to make the matcha concentrate

• 2oz orange juice (pulp-free works best here)

• 2oz chilled champagne or sparkling wine (want a mocktail? Just omit the champagne and use equal parts matcha tea and orange juice!) 



• Make matcha like you normally would – either whisking with a chasen, using a hand-held frother, or shaking matcha and water in a mason jar like a cocktail. Mix matcha and water thoroughly to make a concentrate. 
- need assistance making matcha? Check out all our how-to videos.

• Build your mimosa – start by pouring your champagne in a flute first. 

• Slowly add your orange juice, making sure to leave room for your matcha! 

• Slowly layer the Mizuba matcha concentrate on top. 

• Clink glasses and enjoy! 


Matcha mimosa

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