Organic Sencha with Yuzu

with Yuzu 柚子煎茶

If an uplifting, exceptionally light and refreshing tea is what you're looking for, look no further than our organic sencha with dried yuzu. Our Kakegawa-based farm crafted this beautiful blend that brings a bright, sunny brew for your afternoon tea time (bonus--check out our video below!). The organic sencha's smooth, rounded flavor profile is a great backdrop for the yuzu's punchy and cheery citrus flavors! 



What is Yuzu?

Yuzu is a delicious, super-bright, and aromatic citrus from Asia (originally from China, introduced to Japan during the Tang Dynasty). Commonly found in Japanese cooking, you might know yuzu if you're a fan of ponzu sauce! Yuzu is also found made into marmalades, vinegars, and in cocktails. You can think of using yuzu like you might use a lemon. Some people enjoy using the whole yuzu fruit in their bath for aromatherapy. If you can't steep yourself in a yuzu bath, at least you can enjoy yuzu's beautiful fragrance in this tea! The dried yuzu peel in this blend is meant to evoke a bright and sunny experience in your teacup. 


Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Bright, happy scents of citrus that are evocative of fresh, high mountain pine needles, but with a smoothness that kind of reminds us of an orange creamsicle. On the wet aromatics once the leaves have been brewed you can pick up some salted lime notes. 

Flavor: The liquor of this tea is frosty! The flavor in the cup is smooth and light with a rounded and creamy citrus (slightly grapefruit) taste. Yum! 


Tea Details: 

Location: Haruno - a famous highland area in Shizuoka prefecture. The yuzu is from Kawane. 

Harvest Season: Spring

Cultivar: Yabukita

Process: This sencha is steamed to an average of 30-45 seconds to stop the oxidation prior to rolling into a classic sencha needle shape. The "middle timed" steam is typical for a highlands tea from the Shizuoka prefecture. 


Brew Guide:

Amount: 5.5g organic sencha with yuzu.

Water: 230ml (8oz) of 170ºF water. For the second steep, try brewing at 175º F.

Time: 1:30 minutes for the first steep, up to 2 minutes second steep. 


Food Pairing: something as fresh as this tea! Try having this tea alongside a spring or summer salad laden with fresh veggies. 


Sold in either 50g or 100g bags. Store in a cool, dark location. Best consumed within 3 months.


PS - this tea is so full of summer fun, we made a commercial about it for you:

Type: Loose Leaf

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