How To Make Japanese Matcha Green Tea - Home Video Tutorials

How to Make Traditional Japanese Matcha at Home.

Tools for Artful Simplicity: You'll need a chasen (bamboo whisk). A chashaku (bamboo scoop). A chawan (matcha tea bowl) or miso soup bowls or rice bowls work as well—you can use any wide-set dish that you can sip from comfortably. Where to find the tools of the traditional trade? Browse our shop to your collect own. 
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Take Your Matcha To-Go!

Craving a frothy cup of Matcha green tea for your workday grind or your afternoon kick? To the beach or on a hike? In a rush and on-the-go? 
Don't fret! You can take your matcha anywhere! 
You can make your Mizuba matcha in a travel mug and take it with you anywhere in a pinch. We show you how to make Matcha green tea quickly and easily using a simple, air-tight to-go tumbler and hot water. Now all you need is Mizuba Matcha!
We have the perfect thermos for matcha adventures. Official Mizuba Japanese Organic Matcha to go Thermos for adventures! Shop it here.

Making Your Own Matcha Latte is Easy! 

In our official "Mizuba at home barista training video," we show you a few different ways you can style your lattes. Keep it simple, or add in nourishing extras like coconut butter, adaptogens, collagen, or honey! 
What's the best matcha to use for a latte?

Our Signature Matcha Drink.

When we want to show off a fun little matcha twist for parties or lounging by the pool, this is our go-to. Check out our easy to follow along recipe and make your healthy Mizuba soda in less time than it takes to say "I want a #matchamoment." 


Make Matcha in the Wild!

Check out the world's first compostable, single-serve matcha packet! With our latest collaboration, there is no compromise in quality or convenience. Have a #MatchaMoment anywhere your adventures take you! (Like on a 60-mile trek through the Olympic National Forest, featured here).

How to use: Just put 1 packet of on-the-go Mizuba into your favorite thermos or mason jar, add cold-175º F water + shake, shake, shake it up! That's it!

Go adventure and take your matcha anywhere. You'll never be without a #MatchaMoment again!