Iced Matcha Recipe

Sweet Summery Iced Matcha

July 10, 2014

We can't get enough.

Something about pouring out verdant Mizuba Matcha over the rocks in the hot summer sun is so satisfying. So, we'd like to share with you how you can take a super-refreshing Mizuba #MatchaMoment!

Honey gives our Matcha a sweet, smooth ride over your tongue. Using local honey also helps with any summertime allergies, and of course, you'll be getting a solid anti-oxidant health punch with the Matcha! The ultimate healthy summertime beverage treat. 



Here's how we style it: 


                   - 1 tsp. Mizuba Organic Culinary Matcha 

            - 12oz cool water

                   -  Local honey, to taste (or agave syrup, but we highly                                                    recommend honey)  optional. 

                   -  Ice


You can do this two ways: 

If you do not wish to add sweetener:

• simply add 1 tsp Mizuba Matcha to your mason jar

• top with cool water

• cap mason jar lid tightly

• shake like a cocktail until the matcha is incorporated and frothy! 

• Pour over ice if desired, and enjoy! 


Iced Matcha with Honey

1) Prepare your Matcha traditionally - add 2 chashaku scoops (or ~ 1 tsp.) of Mizuba Matcha into your chawan tea bowl.

2) Add once ounce of 160-175º F water. Whisk to incorporate. 

2) Add as much honey as you like. Add more water,  and continue to whisk into the hot tea until thoroughly dissolved.

3) Fill your glass with ice and pour over your deliciously honey-infused Matcha tea! 

*If you're trying to impress someone, or want the classy touch,  pre-chill your glasses to make them frosty fresh and ready to serve. 


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