Compostable Matcha Green Tea Packets

Quality Meets Adventure: Compostable Single-Serve Matcha Packs!

July 18, 2019

Meet our new travel essential! You can finally take Mizuba Matcha with you anywhere, any time!

Voila Mizuba Matcha Green Tea Travel Pack 

Meet our latest collaboration:

Mizuba Eco-Friendly Single Serve Packs

Want Mizuba matcha while you're camping? Check. Want a cup of matcha on top of a mountain, at your work desk, in a hotel room, at the beach, on a plane, on a road trip, or in your neighbor's backyard? Check check check. As long as you have a thermos (or even a mason jar), water, and your Mizuba Matcha to-go pack you're on your way to having a perfect #MatchaMoment wherever you find yourself. 



Why are our single-serve matcha packets special?

• Each packet contains 3g of pure Uji Mizuba Matcha. We found most single-serve matcha packets available only contained 1g of matcha and sadly overpriced, or blended with fillers. A traditional serving of matcha is at least 2g, if not 2.5g! Our mission at Mizuba is to make exceptional quality matcha accessible, so we wanted to share more matcha at an accessible price. Each of our packets contains a generous 3g of Mizuba, which is about 1 teaspoon - perfect for making both plain matcha as a tea and preparing as a latte, cold or hot in any amount of water 8-16oz (ideal for any travel thermos!). 


• Each packet is made from 100% compostable material


• Each box is 100% recyclable


• Each box is compact and travel-ready to go anywhere in the world! 

 Travel Matcha Green Tea TO-GO! Eco Friendly Box and Packet

About our partnership with Voilà Coffee: 

We were beyond thrilled when the good folks at Voilà Coffee reached out to us. Longtime fans of Mizuba, Voilà saw a way forward to make our high-quality matcha more accessible, while also being conscious of our eco-impact on the planet. Receiving acclaim from The Wall Street Journal, TheKitchn, Gear Patrol, and Imbibe Magazine, Voilà leads the coffee industry in delicious specialty instant coffee (who knew that was possible!? It is with Voilà!), so the team knew how to treat our matcha and take the craft tradition and continue to evolve it in our modern world. Our ideals aligned, and a beautiful friendship and Mizuba product were born! 


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