Voilà! Travel Mizuba Matcha || Eco Single-Serve Packs.

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Thanks to our latest collaboration with our BFF's Voilà Coffee,

Mizuba is so proud to be the first matcha company to offer compostable, travel-ready, single-serve packaging for your favorite

Uji-direct Mizuba matcha.   


Why Mizuba's single-serve matcha packets are revolutionary: 

• Each box contains 8 ready-to-use packets filled with a generous 3g of your favorite Uji-direct Mizuba Matcha. 

• Each packet contains 100% nonGMO, radiation-free, heavy-metal free, filler-free, gluten-free pure matcha! That's it! 

• Each packet is 100% compostable. 

• Each box is 100% recyclable.

• 3g of matcha is perfect for making both plain tea and lattes, cold or hot, for any thermos or mason jar 8-16oz. 

Read more about our awesome collaboration with Voi here!



How to use: 

Just put 1 packet of on-the-go Mizuba into your favorite thermos or mason jar, add cold-175º F water + shake, shake, shake it up! That's it! Go adventure and take your matcha anywhere. You'll never be without a #MatchaMoment again! 


In the years we've had Mizuba, we've been hesitant to jump on the single-serve craze because of our commitment to be mindful of our environmental impact first. But when Voilà approached us with a revolutionary solution, we knew we would have a winning partnership! Voilà shares a commitment to meticulous craft, ensuring each cup of "instant" is still the highest quality experience you can have while on the go - truly upholding "farm to cup" anywhere your travels take you! 



One box contains 8 instant Mizuba Matcha packets. Each packet contains 3g of matcha ready to be shaken up! (Learn How to Make Matcha On the Go Here!)

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