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An update about pricing

April 06, 2022

To our dear Mizuba friends,


I wanted to personally write and let you know that beginning Friday, April 22nd, the price of our Daily Matcha will increase by one dollar, from $20 to $21. This is the first time we have been required to raise the price of tea in our 8.5 year history, and as a thank you for your continued support I wanted to give you a heads up.


If you’ve been following Mizuba for some time, you’ll know that I started Mizuba Tea simply for the love of supporting tea farmers and producers in Japan. Our mission is to celebrate the Japanese tea industry, and more importantly the individuals who craft our exceptional teas. And the way we support them is by sharing their incredible teas with our community and friends. Every Mizuba purchase you make helps ensure the tradition of Japanese tea lives on. If we haven’t said it enough — thank you. Our friends in Japan are so encouraged by your enthusiasm and support.


As you’ll note, this is only a $1 increase for one tea. We are making every effort on our side to ensure our teas both remain accessible to you and supportive of our tea partner’s work. A price increase may feel negative, but we hope you can see it as positive: your extra dollar continues Mizuba’s mission to support the very people who make these delicious teas.


Thank you so much for enjoying many matcha moments with us,

Lauren, founder of Mizuba Tea Co.

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