Kakunodate Cherrywood Chazutsu + Chasaji Set

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One of our most beautiful tea accessory offerings to date, our sakura chazutsu + chasaji set will be a treasured tea heirloom to enjoy for years to come.

Each set is handcrafted from pure cherrywood bark and is perfect for the storing of your favorite Mizuba heritage Japanese tea. 

Kakunodate is a small town located in the north of Honshu and is famous for its gorgeous, artisan cherrywood (kabazaiku) products. But the area is also famous for its Samurai history! In fact, it was low-ranking samurai that originally began the art of cherrywood craft around 220 years ago. 

As Kakunodate is the only place in the world where kabazaiku products are made, artisans use traditional methods to gather sheets of cherrywood bark in August or September, just after the rainy season. Cherrywood bark is also regarded as an eco-friendly resource as the trees regrow their bark after it Is harvested. 

To make this beautiful tea tin, artists iron together multiple bark sheets with a small, heated metal tool, creating a solid-wood canister. You can see the artist's skill in both the body of the canister and the air-tight cherrywood lid that perfectly fits.  

Each cherry blossom chazutsu is said to be antimicrobial, and create a perfect environment for storing tea.

Each set comes attractively presented in its own gift box.

We can't wait for you to enjoy this heirloom!


Care + Keeping:

  • To clean, gently wipe with soft cloth
  • Do not leave in humid environments
  • Do not place in direct sunlight -- this may distort the color and crack the tin
  • Do not leave in hot or cold water
  • Do not put in a dishwasher or microwave

Type: Food Storage

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