Yatsuyanagi Cherrywood Chakoboshi

茶こぼし (Kensui 建水)

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A must for your home tea practice, a chakoboshi, or kensui  is a vessel that ensures you can elegantly and effortlessly dispose of water used to warm or rinse your chawan, kyusu, or yunomi without having to leave your seat. The caddy is also easily used for discarding spent leaves. It is especially helpful when you are serving others and brewing multiple teas! Kensui are utilized in chadō (tea ceremony). Using a chakoboshi is straightforward - simply pour your excess water or tea through the drainage holes, or remove the lid to dispose of tea leaves.  

Our chakoboshi is a water-tight vessel with its exterior wrapped in beautiful Kakunodate cherrywood. Manufactured by the lauded Yatsuyanagi company in Senboku City, Akita Prefecture.
Please be aware that the cherrywood is on the outside of the container only, as the interior has to be waterproof. 

Care + Keeping:
To clean, rinse out with warm water and gently wipe with soft cloth to dry.
Do not use soap
Do not leave in humid environments
Do not place in direct sunlight -- this may distort the color and crack the bark.
Do not leave in hot or cold water or use soap.
Do not put in a dishwasher or microwave

Type: Tea Strainers

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