Okumidori Matcha Green Tea
*Limited Edition*

Matcha Green Tea - Mizuba Tea Co.

We are excited to offer a small micro-lot of a special matcha from the fields of Wazuka, Japan. This matcha is an opportunity to directly support a tea farmer in his efforts to transition his fields from conventional to organic farming! 

Mr. K's tea field is now in transition from conventional to organic and will be certified as an organic tea field next year. 

Mr. K has produced a single-origin (from his single tea field), single-cultivar matcha. This is not only the opportunity to truly taste the terroir from the field, but also get a good understanding of the characteristics of the cultivar Okumidori and how it can express its flavors in matcha. You may have tried our Okumidori Sencha, and now is a great opportunity to try Okumidori in another facet as matcha! 

From our producers: "This Okumidori matcha brings out the taste and flavor of the cultivar very clearly without being overwhelming. The full-bodied liquor delivers a savory taste and covers your tongue with a smooth and silky foam. A fresh green aroma remains in your mouth, reminding you of the tea field (located in a hilly area). As the Tencha leaves were dried over high heat, the liquor offers sesame notes.  We are not sure the tea from next year’s harvest will still have the notes because the tea producer will change the drying facility into an organic drying facility from next year -- meaning this matcha will only taste like this once! This lot will never taste the same again next year.

We only have 150 units, so if you want to try a once-in-a-lifetime matcha, this is your chance. 


Flavor Profile: Note that this is not a sweet matcha -- but that's the beauty of it! Not all matcha is made to be sweet on the palate. Take this opportunity to enjoy a deeply savory and smooth flavor without earthiness or astringency. This matcha has a round, full and satisfying body to the tea with light, toasted sesame notes.  The Mizuba team says, "it's very grounding." You can try this matcha as koicha for an intense, yet exhilarating mineral, oceanic experience! 

Size: 40g Tin (20-30 servings) 

Type: Unknown Type

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