Homemade matcha green tea face mask

A Rejuvenating Mizuba Facial Mask

March 03, 2016

Your skin is thirsty. 

As much as we love drinking Mizuba, we can't ignore matcha's exceptional benefits to our beauty routine. Matcha's wonderful antioxidants are readily absorbed into our skin, we can thank its caffeine for anti-inflammatory properties, its chlorophyll for serious detoxification and skin-toning benefits, and its free radical fighting catechins (EGCG's) for cancer prevention and protection against sun damage. 

Matcha antioxidants: just as good in our chawan tea bowls as they are on our skin! 

Mizuba Facemark Matcha materials and ingredients

We can't resist this sublime mask, especially when we combine it with a few other beneficial ingredients. We've added avocado as a moisturizer, and for its detoxifying, anti-aging, wrinkle-reducing properties. Avocado's oils are close to our natural oils in our skin, and provide deep, long-lasting benefits. Next, we added yogurt for its probiotics, vitamin D, calcium, and protein...but also for its lactic and alpha hydroxy acids, which help dissolve dead skin cells and diminish lines and wrinkles. Those seriously rad acids help acne and relive sun burn to boot! Swirl the yogurt and avocado with honey for a little antibacterial boost. You can optionally add raw honey for a bit more exfoliation. Since we usually snooze and relax while our masks are applied, we also opt for a bit of chopped culinary lavender (for exfoliation), or a bit of lavender essence for the flowers renowned calming and relaxing effects. 

Ready to relax and rejuvenate? Follow our recipe below: 

Mizuba Matcha Facemark


1 ripe organic avocado.

1/2 tablespoon ( 1.5 teaspoons) organic yogurt  

1 tablespoon organic honey

1 pinch of finely chopped organic culinary lavender, or drop of lavender oil

1.5 tsp Mizuba Culinary Organic Matcha

Optional mix-ins for customizing your own recipe: rose water, coconut oil (for drier skin), aloe vera gel...etc! 


Mash honey and avocado until very creamy. Stir in matcha and yogurt. 

Chop your lavender into fine pieces, or crush with a mortar and pestle if using actual flowers. Otherwise, add one drop of your lavender essence. 

Apply for 15 minutes, and relax! Gently rinse with warm water, inhale deeply, and make yourself a cup of pristine Kokoro Matcha to really treat yourself. 

If you have leftover mask, store with a tight-fitting lid in the fridge for no more than 3 days. (Hint: can also apply as a hair mask...!)

Apply once a week for best results, and glow on!  

 Photos by Nicole Oda

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