Natural Matcha Green Tea Skincare

Natural Matcha Skincare: An Interview with Heart of Gold

January 31, 2020

Matcha takes care of us, inside & out. For this upcoming Valentine's season, we're reminded that it's *so* important to take a (matcha)moment for yourself! We hear it all the time, but what really causes us to pause and listen as an act of love? 💘🍵

We recently paused over a cup of tea to talk about what taking time for yourself means with our bff Ally Draizen from HeartofGold. Not only does Ally TRULY have a heart of gold, but the love and care she lives out on a day to day basis shine through her exquisite skincare products as well. A few of her favorite products guessed it, #MizubaMatcha! 

Ally co-creates with plants. Her products are heart-centered and plant-focused. As her words aptly state, "I make each product by hand: infused with vibrational medicine, intuition, loving intention, and nutrient-rich whole plants. I also use the discernment of 20 years as an esthetician to manifest products that feel good, smell good, and work beautifully." 

While most of us know matcha's powerhouse benefits as a tea, did you know it's also fantastic used in skincare? Ally features Mizuba Matcha in her Flying Dreams Oilserum and Yuzu Shiso Whipped Shea Butter. High-quality matcha aides in fighting inflammation, so its use as a facial serum and body butter are great for calming, moisturizing and repairing the skin.

Watch our conversation over tea for the chance to learn from a 22-year pro esthetician on why she loves matcha for her skin! 




Product details: 

Flying Dreams Oilserum:

A vibrantly-hued, stunningly silky, enchantingly illuminating complex. Shade-grown matcha brings calming antioxidants. A slow infusion of lavender, yarrow, comfrey & plantain supports the skin's natural healing process. Unbelievably silky shiso oil plays in concert with featherlight olive squalane, brightening milk thistle & nutrient-powerhouse carrot seed oils. Scented with sparkling shiso leaf, mountain lavender & azulene-rich blue yarrow. A perfect antioxidant daytime moisture serum for dehydrated, reactive, or sensitive skin.

Read the full ingredient list


Yuzu Shiso Whipped Shea Butter:

A fluffy cloud of healing, nurturing shea butter and silky sunflower oil, infused with calming matcha, healing hyssop & antioxidant olive leaf. Sparkling with bitter yuzu and bewitching shiso essential oils. Intense nourishment for parched bodies.

Read the full ingredient list

Both of these lovely, matcha-infused natural skincare products are found on our gifts & collaborations page at ✨🍵🌿

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