Mizuba Tea Co's Diversity Commitment

Mizuba's Commitment to Diversity

June 10, 2020

Mizuba Tea Co's Commitment to Diversity

To our dear friends,
We hope you are greeting this week with a renewed sense of engagement, humility, and renewal. Along with the rest of the world, our little team at Mizuba has experienced an incredibly powerful moment unfold. We want to be clear in our unequivocal belief that Black Lives Matter.
You are just hearing from us now because last week, we stepped back to intentionally and respectfully mute our voices to #amplifymelanatedvoices (started by @blackandembodied, and @jessicawilson.msrd). Tea has always taught us to be slow and intentional. When we use powerful words and actions, our heart is to ensure that we move in ways that are considered and shared thoughtfully in love (much like how we share our tea!). We have actively spent time last week to listen, learn & unlearn, to consider in wisdom and compassion how to humbly contribute to the conversation, and how to individually realize the work that has to be done personally and professionally when we live in a system that has for centuries marginalized and oppressed Black people. We will use our voice to fight for equality!

Mizuba Tea Co.

As we move forward as a very small, family-run tea company, here are some notes about what we’ve appreciated and would like to carry forward for the long game at Mizuba:   

Illustration by Danielle Coke

Posted with permission from Danielle Coke
  • In the theme of the above, we also wanted to share that, with your incredible support, we were able to donate $1,054.31 to Off Their Plate — an organization that supports local restaurants by buying meals for healthcare workers. Mizuba will always be passionate about making your matcha go further and will continue to work hard to keep ourselves accountable and support community engagement, justice, and inclusivity! When we all work together we can accomplish amazing things 💚.
  • Proceeds from our next collaboration will be donated to Equitable Giving Circle a nonprofit that helps feed BIPOC families from BIPOC farmers. Stay tuned! 

Mizuba Tea Squiggle

We have always known and understood the grace of sharing tea as a safe place for conversation, growth, and understanding, and we shouldn’t be fearful to encourage that. We invite you to our tea table and we hope you will join us in conversations over many cups. Tea is meant for sharing and we truly hope you’ve always found Mizuba as an inclusive, joyful place to enjoy a #matchamoment. Please feel free to share your reflections with us. 

Our tea table has always been, and will always be, open to all.
With love, 
Team Mizuba


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