Mizuba + Mattole Valley Naturals: Clean, Green, Grassfed Whey Protein!

Mizuba + Mattole Valley Naturals: Clean, Green, Grassfed Whey Protein!

January 06, 2017

To all protein powder fans, and to those simply protein-curious:

This is the one. The only one. Matcha Whey Protein by Mattole Valley Naturals

We know there's an overwhelming amount of protein powder options out there, so we are all the more thankful to have known Mattole - the cleanest, most healthful, most beneficial protein powder available. We know that's a statement to not state lightly, but Mattole's credentials are impeccableWe work with Mattole because there is only one way we'd enjoy protein powder: clean, non-denatured, GMO-free, biologically active, grass-fed, probiotic, no-filler...did we mention delicious? RIDICULOUSLY delicious. The Mizuba household in truth, was not a big protein powder consuming household. But now that there is Matcha Whey protein in our lives...


Filled with Mizuba Matcha, Mattole's protein powder basically tastes like the best vanilla-matcha milkshake you could want every morning. Mizuba's partnership with Mattole Valley Naturals means you get the benefits that rapidly aid muscle building and repair, paired with Matcha's incredible chlorophyll, catechin antioxidants, and amino acids (L-theanine)! Truly a powerhouse blend to keep you (and us!) fueled for the day!  

Mizuba Matcha Green Tea Protein Organic Whey Powder. Mattole Valley Naturals

Mattole Valley's founder, Blaine Lando, and co-worker Maressa Garner share their thoughts on why Mizuba Matcha Mattole Whey is one of their favorite protein powders ever: 

"Since our inception we’ve always had a Whey Protein with green tea. We used to use a powdered green tea that was fairly unremarkable in color and flavor profile, it’s only real redeeming quality being the antioxidants and other health benefits that green tea boasts. During one of our brainstorms sessions, it occurred to us that we could greatly increase the antioxidant activity and flavor by using matcha in lieu of the gunpowder green we’d used for so long.
While on the hunt for a premium matcha source, we were introduced to Lauren of Mizuba through Olly Lithgow, founder of Kotuku Elixirs. We were instantly drawn to her passion for matcha, and were incredibly impressed with her product. When we did a test batch with her culinary grade matcha we were amazed by the delicate, sweet flavor profile and the brilliant green color of our refashioned blend. When blended with frozen bananas and almond milk it tasted like matcha ice cream; it was like night and day when compared to our old recipe. We knew we’d hit a home run - it’s now our best selling Whey Protein!  
We pride ourselves on having impeccably sourced ingredients that are grown organically and ideally, with regenerative practices. We love that Lauren works directly with her farmer, and the fact that the farm is a sustainable, traditional operation that is over 100 years old. We strive to offer the very best in the creation of our handcrafted products. Once we’d experienced Mizuba Matcha, there was no going back for us." 
Mizuba Tea Co Matcha Mattole Valley Whey Protein. Cleanest green tea protein powder!
Of course, we have recipes! Here are Mattole's favorite ways to make Mizuba Matcha Whey Protein Powder.
Shop it at the link above, then have a blast with the recipes below: 
1) 2 scoops Mizuba Matcha Whey Protein Powder + almond milk + frozen banana. 
      *we like to top this with goji berries!
2) 2 scoops Mizuba Matcha Whey Protein Powder + full-fat coconut milk + crushed ice. 

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