How to Make a Hojicha Latte

Houjicha Latte Recipe

January 13, 2022

Our newest go-to latte is creamy, toasty, caramel-y, and naturally very low in caffeine.


Perfect for cozy afternoons, dark winter evenings, and nearly-caffeine-free mornings.


Our recipe is super-simple and appropriate for any skill level. If you've made a matcha latte before, you'll be very at home here.



Houjicha latte 



2-3 grams (1 tsp) Mizuba Organic Powdered Houjicha
8-12 oz milk or milk alternative of choice
1 oz hot water
Sweetener and spice to taste (optional)



Shop mizuba organic powdered houjicha



1. Whisk or stir your houjicha powder with a splash (about 1 oz) of hot water until it is fully integrated
2. If desired, stir in any sweeteners or spices to the dissolved houjicha. When we're in the mood for a treat, we like our houjicha lattes with a dash of cinnamon and a splash of maple syrup
3. If a hot latte is desired: heat, froth, or steam your milk with your favorite method — then pour onto your houjicha mixture.
4. If you'd like an iced latte, pour your houjicha mixture over ice and top with milk or milk alternative. (To see our iced houjicha latte recipe, watch the video below!)



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