Organic Hojicha Powder

If a rich, comforting latte or a treat made with the unique taste of roasted tea is what you crave, our organic Hōjicha powder is for you.


What is Hōjicha? (Also spelled hojicha or houjicha)


Hōjicha is a very common tea in Japan and is made from roasted tea leaves. Roasting Hōjicha is considered similar to how coffee roasters roast green coffee. Each roaster may have a different methodology to carefully bring out nuances of flavor in the tea (ie - dark roast versus light roast, etc). While generally found as a loose leaf teaour version here is milled much like our matcha is so you can enjoy its delicious flavor in a myriad of ways. Try it in lattes, cakes, cookies, pancakes, or mixed into butter for a really fun toast spread! For those looking to mitigate their caffeine, there's good news – houjicha is very low in caffeine and does not pack the same punch as matcha does making it an ideal all-day or evening sipper.

Flavor Profile:

Balanced and sweet with hints of rich, toasty cocoa, caramel and malt. 


Our Favorite Houjicha Powder Latte Recipe: 


Hojicha powder brewing guide

Pairs well with maple syrup and cinnamon


Size: 100g Bag (roughly 50 servings)

Type: Hojicha Tea

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