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The Best Way to Drink Green Tea

May 05, 2023

By Mariah Bourne

You’re sitting outside on your deck enjoying a Matcha Moment as the first signs of spring are starting to peek through. Flowers are budding. Birds are chirping. And then you think to yourself, what is the best way to drink green tea? At Mizuba – we *always* say the best cup of tea is the one you enjoy the most, whatever your preference. However, knowledge is power and understanding a few variables and points about tea can help you discover the beautiful nuances tea has to offer. You’ll be able to brew the same tea – but just a few tweaks can make its flavor  suit your exact mood, whether you want some thing sweet and mellow or refreshing and robust. 

Everything from the time of day to the style of tea can play a part. The people of Japan have favored drinking matcha simply for centuries. With its rapid growth in popularity, a new way to drink green tea pops up every day. But the deciding factor is you. Today, we’ll share some of our favorite ways to drink green tea and how you can get the most out of each brew.


What is the Best Way to Drink Green Tea?

So, what is the best way to drink green tea? The answer is — it depends. The best tea is the one that is brewed to suit your mood! Many of us have different reasons for drinking green tea. Some appreciate the variety of flavors and nuances of different styles. Others enjoy a cup of matcha as a morning ritual before starting the day. Or, it could be a combination of reasons. 

While there are suggested brewing parameters to help guide your journey,  there really isn’t a standardized “best” way to drink green tea. More so, look for ways to maximize the delight of a satisfying brew, no matter your reason.


Woman enjoying a iced hojicha latteAn iced hojicha latte in the afternoon is delightful! 


Some common elements often play a part in how and why we drink Japanese green tea:

  • Lifestyle. Your daily habits and ways of life can be an important factor in the best way to drink green tea for you. Do you prefer high-caffeine teas? Are you seeking focus at work, or something to relax you? Or do you typically keep things low-key? Questions like these can help you decide how drinking green tea can benefit you the most. 
  • Taste preferences. Whether you prefer to savor matcha’s earthy umaminess or add a bit of plant-based milk and honey for a yummy matcha latte, let your taste buds decide the best way to drink green tea for you.
  • Time of day. Are you an early riser? Or would you enjoy a hot cup of hojicha after dinner instead? Different teas can serve many purposes depending on the time of day.
  • Japanese green tea style. Your preferences in flavor, aroma, and nuance can be a great decider of the best way to drink green tea. Maybe you like hojicha’s sweet, subtle flavor or Gyokuro’s punch of umami. It’s all up to you! The more tea you drink and different styles you try, the more understanding and context you’ll have for understanding exactly what flavor profiles suit your palate. 

The Best Way to Drink Green Tea by Style

The style of Japanese green tea is typically the overarching factor in how you drink green tea. Style can determine your preferences based on caffeine content, flavor, and daily habits. Of course, there are essential technicalities in preparation to keep in mind, like tea quality, serving size, and brewing time. 



Open Tin of Mizuba Tea Company Matcha Green TeaThere's nothing more vibrant than a freshly opened tin of Mizuba matcha


Though traditionally prepared simply whisked with hot water, matcha can be enjoyed in countless ways, sweetened, unsweetened, with milk, hot, or iced — just to name a few. And everyone’s preferences differ. If you’re solely drinking matcha for its health benefits , you might be best off drinking it plain. If you’re in the mood for a comforting treat, a matcha latte might be more your style. 

Matcha is cherished for its high levels of L-theanine, high caffeine content, and distinct flavor. L-theanine suppresses the stimulant effects of caffeine that might cause jitters, making it enjoyable even if you’re caffeine-sensitive. So, for caffeine-sensitive folks, the best way to drink matcha would be recommended in the morning. Check out Mizuba's collection of heritage matcha teas.



Hand holds white plate of Japanese sencha tea over a table of tea cups
Fan-favorite Mizuba Sencha Yabukita Leaves

Sencha is one of the most popular Japanese green teas. The rolled tea’s unique, subtle sweetness makes sencha a refreshing choice for any time of the day. As with many loose leaf teas, how you brew sencha will play a major part in the best way to drink it.


With that in mind, a simple, hot brew is one of the best ways to drink sencha for most people. Try using water temperatures from 160º-175ºF. The cooler your water is, the more time you want to allow for brewing, and the tea’s sweeter notes will be detectable. Hotter water and shorter brew times allow for sencha’s refreshing and bright, punchy, savory umami notes to shine. But that doesn’t mean an iced sencha isn’t just as refreshing. Also, keep in mind caffeine levels. If caffeine keeps you up at night, you might enjoy sencha more in the morning or early afternoon. Watch our favorite way to brew sencha.



Gyokuro Japanese Tea brewing in a shiboridashi clay teapot

Mizuba Gyokuro brewing in our Tokoname Shiboridashi


Most might agree that the best way to enjoy a cup of gyokuro is plain and straightforward— with warm water. That’s because gyokuro is a luxurious Japanese green tea cherished for its mellow umami flavor.

Different steeping techniques can bring out unique flavor experiences, making gyokuro perfect for taking a moment to savor each sip. And its caffeine content can give you a much-needed boost of energy. You might find yourself enjoying gyokuro the most as a delightful pick-me-up during an afternoon break. 



Plate of hojicha loose leaf Japanese tea on a table displayed with the Mizuba Tea Bag
Mizuba Loose Leaf Hojicha

Hojicha is a marvelous Japanese green tea with a deep, malty flavor. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, you might want to add it to your daily rituals. Hojicha can be enjoyed any time of the day, hot or iced. But it’s particularly delightful as a bedtime brew or after eating to help with digestion. Hojicha is also less bitter than other styles, making it one of the best ways to drink green tea if you’re a fan of balanced, toasty sweetness. Hojicha is great in powdered form as well for delicious lattes. 



Organic genmaicha loose leaf tea displayed on a cherry wood tea scoop
Mizuba organic genmaicha on our sakura cherrywood chasaji

A classic, genmaicha is a delicious blend of roasted rice and bancha tea. The balanced sweetness and nutty taste make genmaicha a perfect low-caffeine tea to enjoy. People who love indulging in different unique flavors and aromas of Japanese green tea might find genmaicha a special treat. Sipping on a pleasant cup is one of the best ways to drink green tea at a sushi restaurant or eating seafood at home.


Find Your Own Best Way to Drink Green Tea

Finding the best way to drink green tea is an adventure in itself. You may have a favorite way to drink matcha that’s nothing like your gyokuro preferences. What matters most is figuring out what you enjoy and discovering how to make each moment to yourself a little more pleasant with Japanese green tea. 

Need help picking a tea? E-mail us at orders@mizubatea.com 

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