Cherrywood Chasaji

A gorgeous, hand-carved teaspoon made of pure Japanese cherrywood that is perfect for measuring out your cup of tea. 

  • Handcrafted in Akita, Japan
  • Cherrywood is considered antimicrobial
  • Care +  keeping: please keep out of direct sunlight and out of high humidity. Only rinse with hot water to clean (do not use any coarse sponges).

Best practices for measuring out tea: Tilt the tea packaging at an angle. When you use the scoop to obtain the tea, refrain from digging into the leaves. Instead, gently move the bag so you shake the leaves onto the spoon inside the packaging to fill your tea scoop. Just a little tip to help maintain the quality of your tea leaves! 


Carved cherrywood. 8 x 3 cm. 

Type: Gift

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