Organic Sencha Yabukita direct from Japan

All About Organic Sencha Yabukita: A Cultivar Study

Fundamental to an understanding of Japanese green tea is knowing and appreciating the taste of the tea cultivar Yabukita. Yabukita is considered the cornerstone flavor of Japanese tea as its taste delivers a well-balanced flavor, elegant aroma, sweetness along with umami, and pleasant astringency. One of the oldest registered cultivars in Japan and most popularly grown (accounting for over 70% of Japan's tea production), Yabukita is often used as a benchmark to evaluate sencha made from other Japanese tea cultivars. While Yabukita may be common, our spring-harvested Mizuba Sencha Yabukita is the top of its class and a prime example of what to love about Japan’s most iconic flavor.

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Mizuba Organic Gyokuro loose leaf Japanese Tea

The Ultimate Guide To Gyokuro:
History and Brewing

Any avid Japanese Tea fan will at some point seek the revered, rich cup of what many consider "pure umami" - gyokuro. Here is a thorough overview and guide to a prize in any Japanese tea collector's cabinet. Best brew up a cup, and let's dive into gyokuro! 

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Fresh organic tea fields in Japan

Field Notes: Seasonali"tea"

Japanese tea, or any tea for that matter, is closely intertwined with the tides of nature. That shouldn't come as a surprise because tea is a plant, and plants grow according to the seasons. The tea plants hibernate during winter, bloom in spring, thrive in summer and prepare for winter in autumn. This is the natural cycle, and thus our experience of the product also changes with the seasons.

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