Mizuba Organic Latte and Baking Bundle

Drink your favorite tea from morning 'till night — with the Mizuba organic latte bundle, you will be well-stocked for your latte needs! (Hello, perfect work from home motivation.)

Each bag is enough for about 40 lattes. That's more than a month's supply for both matcha and houjicha. Enjoy both teas as hot or iced lattes (or have you tried the dalgona?). 

And of course, this bundle is perfect for the baking connoisseur as well! There are endless opportunities to make houjicha waffles, matcha cakes, or how about matcha + houjicha checkerboard cookies?
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• 100g, resealable bag of our best-selling organic culinary Mizuba matcha. Our matcha is made from 100% pure, shade-grown and stone-milled tencha tea leaves.

• 100g, resealable bag of our delicious organic Japanese Houjicha. Our Houjicha is made from organic bancha and gently roasted for a perfectly nutty, malty, toasty flavor that's excellent as a yummy treat in the afternoons. Pairs perfectly with nut milk and a touch of maple syrup. 


Storage: we recommend refrigerating matcha once opened. Houjicha can be stored in a cool, dark location for up to 2-3 months. 


Need recipe ideas? Check out our videos here

Type: Tea & Infusions

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