Lavender Vanilla Matcha Latte Recipe

Lavender Vanilla Mizuba Matcha Latte by Real Simple Good

July 05, 2018 1 Comment

We all love our lattes! We were so stoked when our friend Erika put together a dairy-free, Paleo version of our delicious matcha latte for a summery treat!

Matcha Latte Recipe. Make the best Paleo Mizuba Green Tea Latte at home with lavender and vanilla!

She says: 

When the weather heats up, and it’s already warm outside when we get out of bed, my usual hot matcha latte that I’ve become accustomed to in the morning just doesn’t sound as good. This Paleo and Vegan vanilla lavender iced matcha latte is dairy-free and also refined sugar-free. You will love the calming, cool summer vibes of this iced Mizuba matcha latte. 

Here is Real Simple Good's recipe! 

Lavender Vanilla Paleo Vegan Mizuba Matcha Green Tea Latte. Homemade and Diy!


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Yomaira Lampi
Yomaira Lampi

September 01, 2021

For an iced mocha latte it tasted watered down. I added almond milk (1/2) instead of coconut milk. I think it just has too much water to begin with that the matcha flavor doesn’t come through for me. Going back to your original blender recipe and adding ice then. It’s good to try. You might like it this light.

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