How to brew sencha green tea from Japan

How To Brew Organic Sencha Yabukita

February 18, 2021


We are so excited to release the brew guide for our brand-new Organic Sencha Yabukita.


In this guide we'll not only cover how to brew our Sencha Yabukita, but also talk about the yabuita cultivar and what kind of flavors you can expect from this tea. Plus we'll give you some practical advice for getting the most out of brewing your tea — including talking about the effects that temperature and time have on your tea.


Enjoy the video, and feel free to comment with what kind of video you'd like to see next.


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Brew Guide:

 Amount: 6g (about 2tsp) Sencha


Water: 180ml (about 6oz) of 160º-175ºF water. 


Time: 30 seconds - 1 minute, or up to 2 minutes depending on your preference. You may also try hotter temperatures for shorter periods of time. You'll experience a range of flavors. Using the guide above will give you a sweeter cup, while using a hot water + short time brew method will extract more vegetal notes.Don't be afraid to experiment! Our producer notes that this particular tea reveals a super fresh flavor at higher temperatures while developing a more savory taste when brewed at lower temperatures. 

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