Black Tokoname Kyusu Teapot

A sophisticated and beautifully simple ceramic kyusu by the famed Jinsui studio in the Tokoname area (Aichi prefecture) of Japan. The clean lines and ample volume make this teapot an elegant vessel for your most treasured tea time. Made in the Tokoname-yaki tradition. 

The teapot also features a built-in ceramic strainer so you never have to worry about tea leaves slipping their way into your teacup. 

We recommend brewing Mizuba sencha, kamairicha, tencha, genmaicha, or houjicha chamomile in this teapot. 

Our Tokoname Kyusu is also available in a sandstone color. Or find it as a part of our Mizuba Tea Set, which also includes your choice of loose leaf tea and our cherrywood chasaji tea scoop.



  • Volume: 240 ml
  • Material: Lead-free & Cadmium-free Ceramic 
  • Strainer: Ceramic
  • Testing: The tokoname kyusu is tested for any potential contaminants. The teapot is lead & cadmium-free. 



Please handwash to clean your kyusu. Do not use soap. Do not use this teapot in the microwave or dishwasher. 

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