The perfect at home Matcha Green Tea Latte

Matcha Café Latte

February 22, 2014

Mizuba gives the classic latte a frothy green makeover. While green tea lattes are increasingly popular in corporate coffee chains, most offerings are filled with sugar-loaded concentrates. Making your own pure Matcha latte is easy. Bonus, you'll can still get an even caffeine boost without the jarring spike of caffeinated coffee. As noted by the monks who drank Matcha before meditation, the tea's slow release will sustain you with a calm alertness. Matcha’s smooth flavors are especially lovely when paired with any milk you choose. Craft your latte in your favorite bright, wide Matcha bowl and enjoy.

 Mizuba Matcha Green Tea Café Latte at Dapper & Wise Coffee Roasters, Portland, Oregon
Dapper & Wise serves up
a frothy Mizuba Matcha Latte.
Enjoy our At-Home Recipe!


1 teaspoon Organic Culinary Mizuba Matcha 

3/4 cup (6 oz) Almond or organic milk of your choice, warmed and steamed.

Sweetener to taste (we love honey)


Aero Latte brand milk frother, French press, or espresso machine with milk steamer. 


Prepare your Matcha as you would to drink: sift your Matcha into your cup or mug, in order to refine large clumps. Pour enough 175ºF water over the tea just to make it wet. Whisk into a paste, but before finishing your Matcha, heat your milk to about 140 degrees in a saucepan over medium heat. When warmed, reduce to low and either froth in your stovetop pot or transfer to a French press to foam your milk. Do not submerge a frother; keep the tip at slightly tilted under the surface of the milk. If working with a French press, work the plunger until your milk lathers and fills your press (it should take less than a minute). Return to your tea, and add about 2-3 ounces more hot water. Fully whisk your Matcha, drizzle in sweetener if you like, and top with a healthy dose of froth.

Customize! E
xperiment with fresh vanilla bean, coconut butter, cardamom, or mint. If you're feeling sassy, top your foam with some powdered cocoa. 


Need a video guide? Watch an at-home matcha latte made in action: 


Out and About: Where else can you find specialty Mizuba Matcha lattes? Venture to  The French Press in downtown Santa Barbara or kick it beachside at the Lucky Llama in Carpinteria, CA. If you're a bit further south, check out Portola Coffee in Tustin. Then there's Old World Coffee in Reno, Nevada...! Are you in Bend, Oregon? Say hi to our friends at Palate Coffee Bar for their frothy Mizuba latte!  

Or see where your closest Mizuba Matcha Coffee Shop is on our "Where to find Mizuba Page."




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