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New: Dark Wood Chasen

March 06, 2020

New: Dark Wood Chasen ✨


Our beautiful dark wood chasen is made from wild purple bamboo. Artisans look for a hard, thin stalk — usually about 2 to 2.5 centimeters thick, and 9 to 12 cm long. The bamboo must be dried for over a year, and only then do artisans transform the natural material into the fine tines — each by hand.



• 100 prongs
• handcrafted
• well-proportioned and sturdy


Take a #MatchaMoment to master Matcha preparation, and use our chasen to whisk your tea into the perfectly creamy, umami-filled froth. Need a video tutorial? Learn here.



PS: did you know that upon first use, your chasen will beautifully bloom...? Give it a shot and see for yourself! Plus learn more about how Chasens are made — and how to take care of your own — on our blog

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