Black Tokoname Shiboridashi

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New to Mizuba is our gorgeous Tokoname Shiboridashi.

Beautiful in its simplicity, the shiboridashi excels at brewing high-quality Japanese green teas — think gyokuro, premium kabusecha, or tencha. Because these teas are brewed in smaller volumes and at lower temperatures — and because the leaves unfurl as they brew — a strainer and handle are not needed, making the shiboridashi a hallmark of focused, purposeful teaware design.

In fact, 絞り出し急須 (shiboridashi kyusu) loosely translates to "squeeze-pour teapot" — which makes sense, because this teapot places no barriers between you and the liquor of your tea. You can see the excellence of the artist in how the lid fits absolutely perfectly, keeping your leaves in place as you pour your tea.

The traditional style of shiboridashi means that is a small teapot, at about 100ml in capacity, so be aware of that when ordering. But if you're looking to elevate your tea time, experience more of traditional Japanese tea culture, and find the perfect brewing vessel for your prized gyokuro or high-grade sencha (or, quite frankly, any other tea you might brew in a gaiwan) — our shiboridashi will fit the bill perfectly.

Our shiboridashi were made by the esteemed Gyokko (玉光) Kiln and crafted from Tokoname kokudei (黒泥 black clay). Tokoname clay is special for its rich iron quality and it is known for absorbing the character of tea over time, effectively "seasoning" the clay much like a cast iron pan acts and thereby enhancing each brew. This shiboridashi is fired in reduction – meaning in the kiln the oxygen is reduced, causing incomplete combustion – which results in a darkened, black color. 


  • Volume: as each pot is handmade, variances will occur but in general these average 2.6oz or 74 ml
  • Material: Lead-free & Cadmium-free Ceramic 
  • Strainer: Ceramic
  • Testing: The tokoname kyusu is tested for any potential contaminants. The teapot is lead & cadmium-free. 


Please handwash to clean your shiboridashi. Do not use soap. Do not use this teapot in the microwave or dishwasher.

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