Nankei Kyusu

"The touch of raw unglazed ceramic gently softens your heart. Pause those busy hands, boil water, sip some tea, and let your heart unwind."  – Nankei Pottery

We are thrilled to showcase the beautiful works of Nankei Pottery, who have been crafting stunning ceramics since 1913. 

Nankei captures the heart of the Banko-yaki style. Simple, minimalistic, and effortless, these timeless tea pieces will enrich your tea time for years to come. 

The unglazed stoneware allows for a textured feel in the hands and also moderates astringency in the tea's brew – creating a pleasing, mellow flavor. 

The kyusu features a hand-built strainer incorporated into the pot. Know that finer tea leaves, such as fukamushicha, gyokuro, or kabusecha can pass through which can add a more traditionally textured  (but pleasing!) mouthfeel to your brew. If you would like a clearer experience, pour the tea through another strainer before serving. 

Please note each piece is handmade and slight variations occur. Do not place kyusu directly on any heat source.  

~ 19cm width x 12.5cm diameter x 5.3cm height (320cc). Serves 1-4 people

Process photo credit: Kazumasa Harada

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