Autumnal Seasonal Porcelain Chawan

Artist Austin Danson made his seasonal chawan collection with the intent of making a perfect porcelain tea bowl for each season.

The rich blacks, golds, and reds of a tenmoku are a perfect reflection for the sumptuous brooding warmth of autumn. He hopes his tea bowls will bring joy to your household, family, and friends for many seasons to come.


About Autumn Chawan:

A soft and earthen tea bowl for autumn.

A bowl made to cuddle Mizuba matcha with you on a darkening fall evening, or in the crisp morning as the leaves fall and world seems to slow for a moment.  A porcelain chawan is wonderfully light, delicate, and has the perfect rim for sipping.

Also wonderful for soup, small salads, desserts, and soba noodles!


Envisioned by Austin Danson. Dimensions: 3" tall,  5" wide.

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