Nankei Kittate Yuzamashi and Spouted Chawan

We are thrilled to showcase the beautiful works of Nankei Pottery, who have been crafting stunning ceramics since 1913. 

Nankei captures the heart of the Banko-yaki style. Simple, minimalistic, and effortless, these timeless tea pieces will enrich your tea time for years to come. 

The unglazed stoneware allows for a textured feel in the hands and moderates astringency in the tea's brew – creating a pleasing, mellow flavor. 

Yuzamashi are multi-functional vessels. Traditionally used to cool down water, it also can be utilized as a decanter to ensure equality in the flavor of the brewed tea as you pour between multiple cups. 

We also recommend you whisk matcha in these beautiful wares to serve yourself and a friend! 

Available in  muted sandstone and matte black

430 ml / width 110mm / diameter:105mm / height: 70mm

Please note each piece is handmade and slight variations occur.

Nankei photo credit: Kazumasa Harada

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