Koshun Tasting Set: One Cultivar as Three Styles

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Presenting a very special and rare opportunity: 

Japanese teas, like matcha and sencha, are overarchingly made from blends of tea leaves. Producers often consider how they coax and craft certain flavor profiles of a style of tea as an expression of their art. In fact, master tea blenders, known as Chashi, are highly regarded for their skills in maintaining flavor profiles, and those profiles often become hallmarks of a particular tea brand. 

Producers will select different tea cultivars to ensure their sencha or matcha achieves the same consistency in flavor from year to year, despite how climate or conditions affect the harvest. 
What is a cultivar and why does it matter?
Read about it here!

At Mizuba, we've had the awesome opportunity to work with a producer that specializes in the cultivar Koshun. Instead of blending this cultivar, we have the rare chance to try it unblended and see how three different styles of tea highlight Koshun's personality. 


Our set showcases Koshun as: 

  • Koshun matcha: sesame, walnut, playful, long finish.

  • Koshun sencha: clean, rounded umami, floral uplift.

  • Koshun oolong: honey, stone fruit, full-bodied.


If you're ready to get deep on Japanese tea, this is the perfect set to refine your understanding of a cultivar! 


Extra credit: try this set alongside our sencha tasting trio to learn about yabukita, okumidori, and saemidori cultivars! 


Koshun Cultivar Set Includes:
1x full-size, (30g) bag Koshun Matcha
1x 20g bag Koshun Sencha
1x 20g bag Organic Koshun Oolong 

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