Summer Seasonal Porcelain Chawan

Artist Austin Danson made his seasonal chawan collection with the intent of making a perfect porcelain tea bowl for each season. He hopes these tea bowls will bring joy to your household, family, and friends for many seasons to come. 


 About Summer Chawan:

An ethereal tea bowl to accompany summer's piercing clarity. A porcelain chawan is wonderfully light, delicate, and has the perfect rim for sipping. 

When matcha is made in this bowl it seems to float away with you into the warm summer air.
Add a couple of ice cubes for our idea of a perfect warm weather treat.

This chawan is also wonderful for soup, small salads, desserts, and soba noodles!

Envisioned by Austin Danson. Dimensions: 3" tall,  5" wide.

Type: Handcrafted Tea Bowl

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