Mizuba Matcha Green Tea Single Estate Organic Ceremonial from Uji Japan. Pure plant based matcha!

Welcome, Yorokobi!! Mizuba's New Single-Estate, Organic Matcha Green Tea!

November 02, 2017

We're thrilled to announce the latest matcha to join Mizuba's curation since 2013 - please welcome our beautiful new matcha, Yorokobi!

Single Estate Mizuba Matcha Green Tea. Organic ceremonial from Japan!

We found Yorokobi early this year from our close community in Uji, Japan. They presented us this matcha, and the very first word that could come close to describing our experience with it was "joy."The matcha we sipped made us so joyful for a few distinct reasons.

1) This matcha is one of the most velvety smooth, balanced teas we've tried that's 100% certified organic! Many certified organic matcha teas tend to be earthier in flavor profile, but Yorokobi's sweet, floral flavors shine. 

2) This matcha is from a single-estate! In the matcha world, this is an exceptionally rare find. Many high-quality matchas are made from a blend of harvests - tencha from the previous year may be blended with tencha from the new harvest (shincha). There is nothing wrong with this, and in fact, it takes absolute mastery to be a quality tencha blender. However, finding a single-estate matcha is very exciting, allowing the drinker to truly experience the terroir of one specific field. In this case, the tencha of Yorokobi is grown from volcanic soil called Shirasu. 

3) Yorokobi is made of two beautiful, unique cultivars, Okumidori & Kanayamidori. Many matchas are simply made from Yabukita cultivars. 

4) Yorokobi is 100% shade-grown and stone-ground to our very high standards and meets the level of ceremonial grade (suitable for koicha preparation in cha-no-yu (tea ceremony)) 

Mizuba Single Estate Organic Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea. Pure from Uji, Japan

Truly living up to its name, Yorokobi translates to joy in Japanese. We hope Yorokobi brings you much joy in each and every #MatchaMoment you have!

- Mizuba Tea Co. 

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