Hand holding a chawan tea bowl while whisking matcha green tea

Tea For Me Please: Review on Daily Mizuba Matcha

May 31, 2016

Acclaimed Tea Blogger, Nicole Martin, writes about why she enjoys  Mizuba's Daily Matcha. 

"Even before whisking my tea I was struck by the extremely vibrant color and enticing aroma...The matcha was unbelievably smooth and creamy. Vanilla is not something I would ever expect to see in a Japanese green tea but it was the most prominent flavor note in my mind. There was a lot of natural sweetness but it was also well balanced. After each sip I savored the incredibly fresh aftertaste. In case you haven't already gotten the picture, it was so good!" - Nicole of Tea For Me Please. 


Read her full review, and buy your Mizuba Daily Matcha. 


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