Our team picks their favorite matchas of the moment

Our team picks their favorite matchas of the moment

February 14, 2020

It's never easy to pick your favorite. Of anything, really — but it's especially tough to choose a favorite matcha! Every matcha we offer has its own special place in the Mizuba collection, but we recently sat down with our team to learn about their favorite matcha of the moment. Read on to find out what we're loving.



Lauren: Yorokobi

Asking me to pick a favorite Mizuba matcha is like forcing me to "pick a favorite child"... (I love them all! They are each so wonderful!)... but in this season I find myself reaching for our organic Yorokobi. This matcha truly is an absolute joy to drink. It's exceptionally smooth and refreshing, and I love its slight floral notes.



Dan: Nagomi

I really enjoy the Nagomi ceremonial organic matcha — especially how full-bodied, rich and satisfying it is. I really feel like I'm getting a great taste of Japan. Very nutty, a hint of 'savory, grassy, oceanic', and overall a nice smooth finish. It leaves me feeling rejuvenated and excited about Japanese green tea.



Hettie: Daily

I love the Daily. First matcha I tried. First matcha I shared. I know it will deliver the goods consistently. Each cup is a dreamy moment of green goodness. Even if my wrist doesn’t make perfect foamy magic that day.



Grahm: Kokoro

Do you see my thumb? Do you see what position it's in? My thumb is on my hand, and it is in the up position. Why is it up? It's up because I love the Kokoro. All of its elements — rich umami flavor, buttery texture, deep sweetness — balance perfectly, and the result is an elevated, harmonious experience.



What's your favorite?

Comment on this post and let us know! Or, leave a review. We'd love to hear which matcha you're loving at the moment.


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