Mizuba Celebrates One Year

Mizuba Celebrates One Year

August 09, 2014


There’s no denying that tea was our first love. We have a hard time thinking of memories without one of our favorite cups, chawans, (or sometimes, mason jars) by our sides. But who knew that a simple love for tea could blossom into a vocation within the span of a year? When we visited Japan in 2013, and took our first sip of our Uji-cha Matcha, the foggy windshield of our future became crystal clear. It was a leap of faith to get started, but on August 19th, 2013 – exactly one year ago today – Mizuba emerged from a simple discovery, a kind community, and a love of sharing pure, high quality Matcha green tea. We truly believe that the love of fine tea creates connectivity, culture, and community from source to cup, and we endeavor that to be our guide with every step we take.

From the beginning, we encountered an outpouring of support from our Santa Barbara community, creating and enjoying #matchamoments around every corner. We were so blessed to make friends with stellar food artisans: from Scarlett Begonia and Carpinteria's Lucky Llama, who both serve up an incredible Mizuba Matcha lattes, to Rori's ice cream and Sojourner Cafe cupcakes, goodness, and so much more, we can't thank every place that has embraced us enough for being a part of our community. 

It's been important to us from the outset to be relational with our community in a way that feels as natural to us as our Matcha production process – and we feel like we have been very warmly welcomed into participating in that. Through strong relationships with our retailers as well as our customers, we have been able to reach a wide variety of individuals in some of our favorite cities! With Mizuba taking to the shelves of Bi-Rite in San Francisco, Umami Mart in Oakland, and Isabella's Gourmet Foods here in Santa Barbara...we can't wait to see where Mizuba goes next. As always, we'll announce new locations soon. I.e. - so many reasons to get excited. 

Beyond our partners where you can find Mizuba, some of our favorite moments of this year were at events! Basically, our favorite part about Mizuba is hosting tea parties – where we were able to interact directly with our community of Matcha lovers! Sharing our love for Matcha, pouring brimming cups for first-time Matcha drinkers, and learning the stories behind our community members...it's just the best. 

Every moment over the past year has meant a great deal to us, but we found ourselves completely humbled over our experience with our farmers in Japan. When we went back to visit in May, we were able to be in the tea fields, and see our stone mills that create our Matcha. We can't thank our supplier enough for believing in us, and being the perfect host for our time in Uji. You can read more about our journeys in Japan here.

When we think about the past year, we think about the fact that this crazy dream of ours actually came true, and that we have whipped up more bowls of Matcha than we can count! Through this crazy journey, we’ve loved  learning about our tea from plant to your cup, and we've formed a community that has grown from just our friends and family into a passionate collection of individuals. With humble beginnings as a simple tea business with the simple goal of importing Matcha and sharing it within our community, it has turned into something so much more than that. Mizuba Matcha is your daily tea experience, your go-to beverage, your favorite ice cream, (dare we say coffee replacement?), the main feature at your tea party...it goes on. 

As a thank you to everyone who has supported us and continues to love Mizuba, we have a present for you!

Starting today, through the end of the month, we are offering very special discounts on our ceremonial Matcha. 


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