Organic Kyobancha Japanese Tea

What is Kyô-bancha tea?

March 20, 2020

Winter is slowly turning to spring, but here in Portland it's still sweater weather! The cool mornings and evenings have encouraged us to savor the warm, chocolaty notes of our our organic Kyô-bancha... and to be honest we do not mind that at all. What makes our Kyô-bancha special? Read on to find out!



Mizuba Kyo-bancha Tea



What is Kyô-bancha?


Kyô-bancha, which originated in the Uji region, is what we call a more "rustic" tea. Comprised of unrefined harvest (called aracha) the tea showcases large leaves of varying sizes and stems collected from pruning the tea plants. This is truly a zero-waste tea!

Kyô-bancha's defining characteristic is in its roast. The tea is roasted for varying times and to different temperatures (depending on the producer) to extract different flavor characteristics — much like how different artisans roast coffee to showcase different flavors. Furthermore, tea leaves grown for Kyô-bancha or houjicha are grown in full sunlight, which results in a high concentration of the super-antioxidant Catechin.

Our producer's Kyô-bancha is exquisitely chocolatey in aroma and exhibits a warm, satisfying earthy flavor similar to roasted chicory or cocoa nibs. We love drinking it hot, but have to admit it's amazing cold-brewed as well (just in case you're lucky enough to live somewhere warm year-round).

Bonus - it's low in caffeine! 


Kyo-bancha green tea 


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