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All About Our Organic Genmaicha Tea

March 27, 2020

Green tea + toasted rice = delicious? You don't have to be a math major to know the answer to this one. Yes, our Genmaicha is something special. Read on to find what makes Mizuba's Genmaicha awesome.


Mizuba organic genmaicha


Genmaicha is a blend of loose leaf tea, usually bancha, with "genmai." Genmai is commonly brown rice, but our genmaicha is made by roasting white mochi rice, which is crunchier and sweeter than regular rice. The rice provides a satisfyingly sweet, nutty taste, which is balanced by the light green tea. Many say the aroma is reminiscent of popcorn! We say that sounds delicious.

Originally enjoyed in rural areas, genmaicha's complementary flavors became exceptionally popular and it is now one of the most common Japanese teas. Though accessible to all palates, our genmaicha is anything but pedestrian. Feel free to snack on the leftover rice!


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Mizuba organic genmaicha Japanese tea

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