Samidori Matcha

*Limited Edition*

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Mizuba is honored to be one of the few tea companies to whom legendary matcha farmer and producer, Tsuji-san, sells his premier, hand-harvested matcha. With immense gratitude and care, we present you the opportunity to taste his single-estate, unblended, single-cultivar Samidori Matcha. 


About the Samidori Cultivar: 

Samidori is a signature cultivar of Uji, Japan, and its versatility is showcased by many growers because it is absolutely delicious! However, Tsuji-san’s acclaimed technical skill makes this unblended matcha soar even higher above the rest. Samidori is thick with amino acids, has exquisite balance, and is often compared to Chardonnay in the wine world. The color on this matcha will light up a room (it's so beautifully green!) Enjoy this stunning matcha as both koicha and usucha.
Don't wait to experience this matcha made by the legendary producer Tsuji-san!


About Tsuji-san: 

Having won countless awards in Japan for his teas, 5th-generation master farmer Tsuji san is responsible for one of the greatest matcha experiences you can savor. His tea plants are unpruned, only cultivated with organic fertilizers, and enjoy the most traditional form of shade-growing (the Honzu technique) in the region's nutritious red clay soil. When the first flush arrives in shincha season (the first crop of the year), the tencha tea leaves are gently harvested by hand and stone-milled to perfection. In fact, Tsuji-san's matcha has the highest concentrations of L-theanine and amino acids ever recorded of any matcha in the world. 


How to brew: 

Warm your chawan tea bowl with hot water. Place 1.5-2.5g of Samidori matcha into your chawan. Add 1 ounce of 160ºF-175ºF water to the tea and make koicha (a thick paste). Add about another 1.5-2 ounces to your koicha, and whisk with your chasen until the tea is fully aerated to make usucha. Enjoy! 


Tasting notes:

Aroma: this electrically green matcha smells bright and juicy with notes of green apple and pineapple.

Flavor profile: A silky and composed tea with light yet dynamic layers that will coat your tongue. Think fresh cashew nut milk with a touch of sweet roasted plum or cherry on the finish. If we're being completely honest, pinning down certain flavors was difficult to write because this matcha is just amazing.


 Size: 30g Tin (15 servings) 

Suitable for koicha preparation

PS - check out our release video for this special matcha! 

Type: Matcha Green Tea

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