Matcha Moment® Essential Tea Set

Looking for an easy way to start living the matcha life, or want to give the gift of matcha to a friend? Our #MatchaMoment Essentials Set has everything you need to start making matcha a healthy habit and learn how to whisk up the perfect chawan of traditional matcha green tea. 

Included in the bundle:

• Our 100% pure, farm-direct Uji Daily Matcha. Fresh, smooth, and balanced this matcha is the perfect tea to get in your wellness groove.

• Our 120-tine, hand-carved golden chasen matcha whisk. Half art-piece, half-kitchen utensil, you'll love this beautiful tea tool to froth your morning matcha.

• An illustrated instructional card to ensure you become a matcha master in no time. 

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Take a Mizuba Matcha Moment!

Type: Matcha Green Tea

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