In This Together
Illustrated Matcha Greeting Cards

We all love matcha mail. Pay the matcha love forward by sending these beautifully illustrated greeting cards! 

These Mizuba-themed cards are lovingly designed by our friend and amazing artist, ARTJADEN in Portland, OR, are a perfect way to surprise your family members, keep in touch with friends, or hey — maybe even make a new friend! Plus who doesn't love getting matcha in the mail (we know you do). Send this sweet card share the love! We are truly all in this together.

Greeting cards are available as single cards, or in bundles of 5, 10, 15 cards.


Want to send a matcha gram direct to a friend? Click here!


About the artist:

Abbie, ladyboss of ARTJADEN, is known for her simple, yet FUN color-packed linework and bold illustrations –– found on everything from the greeting card you see here to apparel, enamel pins, stickers & more. We love Abbie's easy, breezy, playful sketches and are honored to feature her work on a card to send to your loved ones. Your gram goes even further - during this difficult season of COVID19, proceeds from your matcha gram will go directly to supporting the artist! 

Thank you for your support.

Type: Gift

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