Japanese Teatime
Care Package
*Limited Edition*

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Send a delicious Japanese teatime
care package!

We partnered with our fave stateside, Japanese konbini-grocer Fulamingo to curate our favorite cozy teas and treats to have a delicious tea time at home! Designed to get you through the whole day, this special box contains: 

• Morning: Mizuba Nagomi Organic matcha paired with Kuze Fuku and Son’s Yuzu Jelly (hello, perfect tea and shokupan toast!)

• Mid-afternoon: the ultimate, snackable shoga senbei cookies! You'll finish the whole bag.

• Evening: Mizuba's low-caffeine, organic chamomile houjicha blend. Also a great opportunity to finish those shoga senbei if you need a sweet treat after dinner! 

Our care package teatime box is a great gift to send to your friends and fam. Send one to yourself too, and have a virtual tea time with all your friends! 

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