Tokoname Camellia sinensis Kyusu

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We are thrilled to share with your our favorite kyusu of 2020.
Don't let the size of this Tokoname-yaki kyusu fool you – it takes more than 40 processes to expertly and delicately craft this jewel of a teapot and the immense skill of the artist is showcased in such a beautiful tea vessel. Each and every kyusu is unique and painstakingly handmade. There are many measures by the artist taken to incorporate beauty into your life so that you can drink tea deliciously – all in this precious kyusu adorned with camellia flowers. 
• This kyusu is a standard redmud teapot from Tokoname ware. However, as mentioned about the skill of the artist shines in the various techniques it takes to craft this kyusu. 

• The small kyusu features a long handle that easily fits in one's palm. 

• The grooves on the surface of the lid are called "thousands step", and the lines are made with bamboo using the rotation of a rokuro (potter's wheel). 
• The ceramic tea strainer called "ceramesh" is a traditional technique of a Tokoname ware teapot. Unlike a strainer made of metal, the strainer has no metallic odor and does not change the flavor of tea. The tea leaves are not easily clogged in the holes, and you can enjoy the tea until the last drop.
• The bottom of the kyusu is flat which allows the tea leaves to be evenly soaked in the hot water.

 • It is said that any astringency and bitterness found in Japanese green teas are adjusted by the reaction of the iron contained in Tokoname ware's red mud with the tannin of the tea, resulting in a delicious and mellow taste! How neat!

• The perfect size for brewing a cup of tea, making it a perfect gift.
"It's a small teapot like a bird," as the artist says. 

About the Artist:

 Umehara hirotaka(梅原 廣隆), the second generation gyokko(玉光), was born in Tokoname City in 1946 as the son of the first Tamami, Umehara harutaka(梅原 晴隆).
He studied ceramics at Tokoname High School Ceramics Department and succeeded the second generation gyokko in 1988.
In 1994, he was certified as a Master of Traditional Crafts by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
He has been selected several times for the "Choza Prize Tokoname Ceramics Exhibition" and "Japan Sencha Crafts Exhibition", which are said to be the gateway to potters from all over the country.
Currently, he has established " gyokkou-touen(玉光陶苑 "and is considered the largest player in Tokoname ware.
The motto of his work is simple, light, and easy to use. He specializes in the production of "red mud teapot," which can be said to be synonymous with Tokoname ware. The artists often produces a teapot using the advanced akaneshibori, which involves repeated firing. The range of his expressions in his work is wide, including the announcement of the gorgeous " hanakousei" series in collaboration with the Kutani ware painter.


Holds 4.6 oz / 133ml - perfect for gyokuro

Type: Loose Leaf

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