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Serve Pure, Traditional Japanese Uji Matcha 





As the leading, traditional Japanese matcha wholesaler in America, we are honored to share our 100% pure matcha tea with you! 
We are recognized  "Official Uji Cha Tea Dealers." 

When you partner with Mizuba Matcha, you have:


• The opportunity to serve and present an 800-year old tea tradition with integrity & quality. 


• Key quality attributes like organic certification, direct-trade/farm-direct, nonGMO, heavy metal-free certification, and radiation-free certification √


• Hands on, individualized training support: our team at Mizuba has 10+ years of professional barista experience and are members of the SCA. We speak barista! We are incredibly passionate about ensuring our friends & partners are equipped to serve exceptional matcha with efficiency, hospitality, and superb craftsmanship.


•Exceptional resources, like our signature bar flow methodologies, recipe sheets, & even our barista training video!


What it's like to take a #MatchaMoment with us. 


Use the form below to e-mail us to inquire about using Mizuba at your coffee shop, restaurant, grocery market, ice creamery, bakery, spa, boutique, or other rad venture!

Note: our policy does not support private or white labeling.


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Winning Latte Art. Matcha Green Tea Latte by Mizuba Tea Co. Rosetta and Tulip.

"I order matcha whenever it’s on the menu, and Mizuba is always the best one.

Easiest to order, quickest to ship, tastiest to taste. The Mizuba team is the very best.

No joke, my favorite company to work with."

Augies Coffee Roasters

Serve the best, authentic Japanese Matcha Green Tea in your coffee shop or café

“Mizuba cares so deeply about every aspect of what they do, from the quality of their product, to the community that matcha inspires, to their genuine friendship with their wholesale partners. They make their partners part of their own family, and they have never failed to put the purest smiles on our faces... Also have you tried their matcha?!?!”

The French Press // Dune Coffee Roasters

Serve the perfect Japanese Matcha Green Tea Latte to your customers

We like the color brown, which is why we are a coffee roaster, but we also like the color green. When we want to serve something that’s the color green, we reach for Mizuba every time.

If you like having fun, we would recommend Mizuba matcha. If you hate having fun, it might not be the right product for you. You might enjoy something more along the lines of going to the DMV, or contracting a mild cold.

Mizuba is a fun word to say. Miz-ZOO-buh. That is reason enough to become a dedicated wholesale customer. We regret nothing.

Dapper & Wise Coffee Roasters