Obukucha – Good Fortune Tea

What is Obukucha?

A Japanese tradition, Ōbukucha is a special tea gifted and shared to celebrate any special occasion. 

Our offering this year includes special, symbolic accouterments to wish the drinker blessings and an auspicious start to the coming year. The set is perfect to enjoy with friends and family. 

Included in this set are:
• 10g delicious sencha
• 8 dried umeboshi (plums) - a token of good luck.
• 8 knotted kombu (kelp) - a play on words "to tie a relationship" and "to be happy."
• Edible 24-karat gold leaf - symbolizes prosperity. 

How to make Obukucha:

While your tea is brewing, place one piece of kombu and one dried plum into each tea cup. Pour your tea into each cup. Finish by sprinkling the beautiful tea with gold leaf! Give a little cheers to yourself and loved ones, and enjoy! 

Tasting Notes: deeply rich umami from the tea. The plum and kombu add silky salinity, so please sip soon after pouring the tea to ensure it's not too salty to your taste.  

Brew Guide:

Amount: 5g (2tsp) 

Water: 180ml (6oz) of 160º-175ºF water. 

Time: 90 seconds


Best consumed within 3 months.

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