Uji Hikari Set

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We've bundled everything you need for an elevated #MatchaMoment into one elegant set! Supplies are limited as we only have a small amount of our Uji Hikari Matcha and Wolf Ceramics Speckled Chawans. Receive free shipping vs. buying each item separately.


Included in your Uji Hikari Set:


  • Uji Hikari Matcha. Simply put, one of the most delicious, refined matcha teas we have ever offered. Mr Tsuji-san has won countless awards in Japan for his teas, and this matcha wins every award in our book. You'll taste notes of milk chocolate, cashew butter, and a deeply satisfying umami.
  • Wolf Ceramics Speckled Chawan. All Wolf Ceramics chawans are perfect for whisking (it's those high walls!), but this speckled version might be our current favorite. It's perfect for sipping, too.
  • 120-prong Chasen Bamboo WhiskHalf kitchen utensil, half art piece, our chasen bamboo whisks exemplify functional beauty — once you've whisked with one of these, you won't go back.
  • Sesame Chashaku Matcha Scoop. A traditional instrument reserved for scooping matcha tea. Ours is perfectly sized and proportioned.


Type: Matcha Green Tea

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