Chocolate and Matcha Tasting Set!

Send a Chocolate + Matcha tasting to your loved ones, or treat yourself! 

Send some tasty, anti-oxidant filled treats to your loved ones. We took our true love (matcha) and paired our teas with a very special chocolate:  hand-roasted chocolate bars from our friends at Seahorse Chocolate

Seahorse offers a variety of chocolate bars, but we found 2 of their award-nominated, single-origin chocolate bars pair perfectly with our House Organic Mizuba Matcha and our Kokoro Matcha teas. Be sure to whisk up a fresh chawan of matcha and nibble a square of chocolate between each sip! 

You have options. Be sure to select which combo you'd like: 

1) House Organic Mizuba Matcha + Peru, Dark M*lk, 65%

• The bright, light, and breezy umami flavors of our fan-fave House Organic Mizuba matcha pair perfectly with the decadence of this Peruvian, vegan Dark M*lk bar. The bar reminds us of smooth fudge and orange. Yum! 

2) Kokoro Mizuba Matcha + Honduras, Wampusirpi 70%

• Our top-shelf, hand-harvested Kokoro Mizuba matcha features a silky, deep, and sweet flavor. Seahorse's equally complex, single-origin Honduran chocolate is a star match with our Kokoro. The bar reminds us of a buttery brown sugar toffee with earthy, even tannins. This combo is pure luxury. 


3) Go all out with the full set!

• Includes both matcha teas with both bars! Mix and match to see which pairings you enjoy for the full tasting. Perfect for an activity at home! 


Type: Gift

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