We're donating 10% of every sale, now through the end of May

We're donating 10% of every sale, now through the end of May

May 26, 2020

Hello friends!

It's been a strange and sometimes difficult few months, but alongside the challenges have come seemingly endless examples of creativity, generosity, and care.

One cause we've been closely following is Off Their Plate — an organization that buys meals from local restaurants (people we love!) and donates them to healthcare workers (more people we love!). You can learn more about what they are doing here, or read this recent article by The Seattle Times.

Donate to Off Their Plate

Besides supporting the family farmers we work with (and our tight-knit Mizuba crew), you'll now also be supporting local restaurants and healthcare workers. That's what we like to call a win-win-win-win.


Shop now and we'll donate 10%


How Off Their Plate Supports Healthcare Heroes

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